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Boston For All


Boston For All is comprised entirely of friends and neighbors concerned about the direction that the current politics of our time has taken our country. We came together after digesting the shocking results of the 2016 presidential election seeking to find some way to answer the question, "What can I do to help my nation be what I believe it should be?"

With our fundamental question in mind, we decided that we would work for inclusion of all people in our community and our nation through raising money for worthy causes. It is our mission to make giving fun and simple – just show up at one of our events, enjoy some great times with others in your community, and open yourself up to possibility and inspiration. Check out our events page to see what we've done so far and what's coming up.

We do not keep any money that we raise during our events. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors and volunteers, we have very minimal expenses to cover. After that, it's all profits directly to the good people preserving the dignity of our nation through their hard work!

Boston For All: Free Community Events

Community Events

Dining for a Difference

Restaurant week around JP with local restaurants donating proceeds to a fantastic organization doing great work: Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)


RUN for All

A free and open community gathering to raise money for Venezuelan immigrants settling in Boston. Guest speakers, free refreshments, and a 1 mile walk/run around Franklin Park.


Members of the Jamaica Plain Artists Association sell original art and donate all proceeds to support The Boston Immigration Justice Accompaniment Network (BIJAN).


Boston for All WEEK

Boston For All Week was comprised of three events in JP in June 2019 to raise money for immigrant advocacy in our community: Run For All, Dining For a Difference, and Art For All.



“All our events are completely free and open to anyone who wants to come. We don’t ask you to do anything but be a part of your community and give whatever you’d like.”

- Jeremy Fischer, Founder of Boston for All



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Praise from Our Partners

We’re so grateful for the support of Boston For All. Their fundraising work allowed us to offer immigration bond support for members of our community at a time when the money was very needed. We were able to use the funds raised at Art for All and Dining for a Difference to get several folks out of immigration jail and back home with their families within weeks of these fundraising events.

Boston For All was great to work with as well — they covered every detail of the planning, allowing us to give input as needed but handling all of the logistics themselves. Thank you so much for the hard work that went into these fundraisers!
— Rose Gallogly, The Boston Immigration Justice Accompaniment Network (BIJAN)

Boston For All has made it easy for us at KIND to connect with people in the community and raise the funds we need to help vulnerable children. Their creative and fun events - including local restaurant weeks and a fun fair for the whole community - have been awesome to attend and a huge help to our work.
— Jessica Y. Mols, Esq., Senior Pro Bono Coordinating Attorney, Boston Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)

Boston For All gave visibility to the struggle of Venezuelans relocating in Boston in the midst of the largest migration crisis in the Americas. Their fundraising and visibility support to the work that Redes en Acción Venezuela does, has allowed our volunteer-run organization to prepare the launch of a stronger networking program where recent immigrants and their receiving communities can interact and exchange information to expedite their access to information, opportunities and easier integration into their receiving communities. We could not be more thankful to their volunteers and their phenomenal mission.
— Cristina Aguilera, Redes en Acción co-founder